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LAA Office was founded by Lulu Loquidis and Daniel Luis Martinez as a multi-disciplinary design studio that explores the territory between Landscape, Art, and Architecture. The office is based in Columbus, IN, which has been ranked sixth in the country for architectural innovation and design by the American Institute of Architects. Through thoughtful research, exhibitions, and design projects at multiple scales, the studio aims to speculate on the future of our built environment.  

Lulu Loquidis, PLA, Co-Founder

Lulu Loquidis is a registered Landscape Architect. As the daughter of two horticulturists, she grew up in a household devoted to understanding the natural environment. The Denver Botanic gardens, where her mother and step-father worked for several years, served as an extension of her own backyard and helped foster her interest in working with the landscape. As a designer and project leader for international practices, including Hargreaves Associates and AECOM, she has built a diverse portfolio including gardens, streetscapes, urban plazas, waterfront parks, and resiliency infrastructure. Lulu’s design approach is rooted in analysis of local and regional ecologies. She believes that contemporary landscape architecture establishes a crucial hinge between the environment, art, and human culture.

Daniel Luis Martinez, Co-Founder

Daniel Luis Martinez is an architectural designer and educator. He has worked at leading architectural firms in New York, including Allied Works and Weiss/Manfredi, and has contributed to the design and realization of projects rooted in the arts, education, creative disciplines, and horticulture. Currently, Daniel holds an assistant professorship at Indiana University’s J. Irwin Miller Architecture Program where he teaches graduate design studios. His research aims to understand the lasting influence of landscapes on the character of architecture and cities, as well as the potential impact of multi-disciplinary design practices on neglected and marginalized urban and rural environments.